Thursday, July 21, 2011

Request from Germany

Here's the birthday card I made for Taizsha. Her mom requested it from Germany. Wow! I feel big time! At first I was going to do just an iPod card, but then I decided against it.  I hope she likes it. :)

I cut the iPod using my new Inspiration. It has a library full of cutting files. I mean you can cut just about anything. That "16" sticker on the front is made of fabric. I'm sure you can't tell. Danielle gave me the idea of making the display say Happy Birthday and adding a 16 under the "play" bar. Thanks D!

This is the inside of the card. Real simple! Just the way I like it!

Thanks for viewing!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration Needed

We've both been busy lately. I went to Arkansas and now I'm headed to Orlando, Florida this weekend for Memorial Day Weekend. I am super excited.  I thought I'd post a few things I've made around this house and share it with you all.
Little Notebooks - I think everybody has made these but I still like making them.

I made this for myself but I have yet to really update it the way I want. I think I'm going to make my own SMASH book with it. 

I made this for my best friend's son who is graduating May 27th.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wendy's Money Bouquet

So, I posted this on my other blog and wanted to share it over here as well.  I lifted this from the following link:

On May 13th, my sister will be graduating with her Associate's Degree in Surgical Technician. She's really excited and has already landed herself a job actually. I'm happy for her. She's a single mother of one, little Ms. Trinity Rein, and I'm proud of her.  So, instead of making her a cute card, I decided to make this money bouquet. I know she'll love it.

Also, small note, the ribbon was hard to handle when trying to tie it with the money on the bamboo sticks. I was working on that for quite some time. I didn't get it down till like the 4th letter. The next time I make this, I should know by then what to do.

P.S. Marc made the card for her. :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scrapbook Police

So, I decided to give Danielle and I another challenge. I sort of bit off more than I could chew for a moment. First off I had to go to the store to get a box of tissue and it was cold and raining. Then I forgot to make my card and had to make one at the last minute. I was using a stamp and I did not like it, and now I know, I need more "hello" stamps in my collection. So, tonight, I'm working on my card and Marc is asleep. I am on facebook chatting with Danielle and telling her about a phone stamp I'd seen and how I should sneak to buy it while he's sleeping. She's cracking up! I make my card and then I decide I don't like it. By this time, Marc wakes up and decides to come see what I am doing. Here are his exact words "I'm the scrapbook police. Your card is not approved. Start over." I'm thinking to myself, I wasn't even finished with it fool!!!! He cracks me up. It's like he has to approve our rules and we're the ones that come up with our own challenges. Geez!! So, here's my take on the tissue box. Thanks to Splitcoaststampers, that's where I got this idea from. My card is my own idea. I think it is missing something but as long as Danielle likes it, I'm good. hahaha

From the side.

From the front.


hi again. I disqualified?

So Lameka is at it again. This time she says tissue box cover....I'm cheating a bit. I didn't have any of the square tissue boxes in the house. I only had long rectangular ones. Those are ugly. Therefore, I couldn't complete the challange...or could I!?!?! :) I scraplifted the measurements (from a post on SplitCoast), however they were too small for the travel tissue I used. So I recommend doing the measurements yourself.
So I stuck with a black, white and red theme, because I do plan on sending this to Lameka, and I want it to match her scrap room. :)
 I should have taken a better picture, but the Eiffel Tower is  on some pop up dots.
I tried to keep it simple.

 The other part of our challenge was a hello card. I saw this idea (which I can happily and proudly say) I stumbled upon on Split Coast. The person, I lifted it from, AMAZING!!! Except now I can't find her blog...but when I do, I will add it to the blogs we watch. Because she is sooo talented.
This is the front. I kept it simple, because the inside drove me crazy!
 Pay no mind to my unmanicured fingernails....:) But this is an overview of the inside.
Here is another shot of the bird. I used the Stampin Up punch for the bird and I used pop ups on the wings. I did both sides of the bird so they are matching. The bubble coming out of the birds mouth says "hi."

The flash on my camera doesn't allow you to see it too well...but hopefully you get a good idea of what it looks like. The grass punch is a Martha Stewart punch I purchased from Michaels...with a coupon do doubt. :)

The next time I attempt this card, I will make the 'tree' on the inside bigger. It didn't round out as much as I would have liked it to....But I can always pick apart my I will leave it as it is, and I hope the recipient likes it!

PS...Are my projects Marc approved?!?!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lameka made me do it.

Yes she did. Had it not been for her I would have quit before I started. She texts me that we really need to blog. I say blah blah blah she says blah blah blah. Here is your challenge. Then it begins. I had the ideas and colors already in mind. I had some stamps that I wanted to use. Easy peasy. Wrong. It started with what I would like to refer to as a 'glue incident.' It was actually SU crystal effects. I think I aquired this item and never really used it. So who knows how long this build up had been in there. I had safety pins, bamboo skewers and my paper piecer in that little thing. Eventually I got out the clog with some tweezers. Ahh....whew. Disaster averted.....wrong again. This time, I couldn't find my stamp cleaner. I think that everytime I try to stamp, I can't find it. So after tearing apart my 'room' I find it. Right where I had put it so the next time I went to use it I could find it. Now I can finally start. Except I can't find the box of adhesive I have. Lucky for me, I had a random 'SNAIL' lying around. FINALLY, I could start. (for real this time.)
I'm glad that Lameka challenged me. No I really mean that. Sometimes you need someone to help you get your 'creative juices' flowing. I think that I may start setting aside some time on Sundays for some 'me' time. And by 'me' time, I mean scrap time. ;)
Here is my first card. I used all Stampin Up Stamps. If you want to know the names, let me know and I will look.
This is the inside If you look closely you can see I used a little bit of Crystal Effects on the cake on the inside.

 This pictures is blurry but you can see the crystal effects I used on the cherry.
 I thought the front looked so plain. So I added this ribbon. All within the 'challenge regulations.' No disqualification from Marc.
 So I got this monster set from SU. I was dying to have it, and dying to use it, but this is the first time I actually used it.
 I did stick some SU dimensionals under the monster and the 'present' he is holding.
I did not include a picture of the inside, because I left that blank.

So thank you Lameka for helping (or making :) ) me get my creative juices flowing. It really does make me remember why I started paper crafting in the first place. I'm excited because I will be getting Lameka's beautiful cards in exchange and I found my stamp cleaner! Now if I could only find that blasted box of adhesive.... 

Black, White, One Accent Birthday Card

So, today, I text Danielle and thought of a challenge for us to do since she was "creatively blocked".  We've never been one for doing challenges online because we don't like cropping deadlines.  If you have time and that's what you like to do, that's fine, but we like to take it nice and easy. We could only use the colors black and white with one accent color - whatever color you prefer.  Everything on the card had to be of those colors even distressing if you were to do that.  So, yes, I had a block too, I was going to use a "rhinestone" in my project.  Marc heard me and was like "no, Lameka, that's cheating because she might have already finished her card". I am thinking to myself "would you shut up". HAHAHA I love him! He keeps me on task. Anyway, my answer was staring me in the face. You'll see it on my cards. Hope you like them and if you want to join in, please do so. We'd love to see more cards. FYI - We're making 4 cards total so we can send our two to each other and keep two for ourselves. I think they call it swapping. hahaha Enjoy!

So, here are the two cards. As you can see I went very simple but that's how I make things in the first place. 

I made this cards first and yes I was going to stick a rhinestone in the middle to bling it out but Marc kept me on task like always.

I kept this one really simple because I like the embossing.