Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wendy's Money Bouquet

So, I posted this on my other blog and wanted to share it over here as well.  I lifted this from the following link:

On May 13th, my sister will be graduating with her Associate's Degree in Surgical Technician. She's really excited and has already landed herself a job actually. I'm happy for her. She's a single mother of one, little Ms. Trinity Rein, and I'm proud of her.  So, instead of making her a cute card, I decided to make this money bouquet. I know she'll love it.

Also, small note, the ribbon was hard to handle when trying to tie it with the money on the bamboo sticks. I was working on that for quite some time. I didn't get it down till like the 4th letter. The next time I make this, I should know by then what to do.

P.S. Marc made the card for her. :)


  1. love the flower pot and love the money idea! Love the card.

    I am a new follower and in Maryland also!

  2. hi Debbie! Thanks for the comment. :)