Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lameka made me do it.

Yes she did. Had it not been for her I would have quit before I started. She texts me that we really need to blog. I say blah blah blah she says blah blah blah. Here is your challenge. Then it begins. I had the ideas and colors already in mind. I had some stamps that I wanted to use. Easy peasy. Wrong. It started with what I would like to refer to as a 'glue incident.' It was actually SU crystal effects. I think I aquired this item and never really used it. So who knows how long this build up had been in there. I had safety pins, bamboo skewers and my paper piecer in that little thing. Eventually I got out the clog with some tweezers. Ahh....whew. Disaster averted.....wrong again. This time, I couldn't find my stamp cleaner. I think that everytime I try to stamp, I can't find it. So after tearing apart my 'room' I find it. Right where I had put it so the next time I went to use it I could find it. Now I can finally start. Except I can't find the box of adhesive I have. Lucky for me, I had a random 'SNAIL' lying around. FINALLY, I could start. (for real this time.)
I'm glad that Lameka challenged me. No I really mean that. Sometimes you need someone to help you get your 'creative juices' flowing. I think that I may start setting aside some time on Sundays for some 'me' time. And by 'me' time, I mean scrap time. ;)
Here is my first card. I used all Stampin Up Stamps. If you want to know the names, let me know and I will look.
This is the inside If you look closely you can see I used a little bit of Crystal Effects on the cake on the inside.

 This pictures is blurry but you can see the crystal effects I used on the cherry.
 I thought the front looked so plain. So I added this ribbon. All within the 'challenge regulations.' No disqualification from Marc.
 So I got this monster set from SU. I was dying to have it, and dying to use it, but this is the first time I actually used it.
 I did stick some SU dimensionals under the monster and the 'present' he is holding.
I did not include a picture of the inside, because I left that blank.

So thank you Lameka for helping (or making :) ) me get my creative juices flowing. It really does make me remember why I started paper crafting in the first place. I'm excited because I will be getting Lameka's beautiful cards in exchange and I found my stamp cleaner! Now if I could only find that blasted box of adhesive.... 

Black, White, One Accent Birthday Card

So, today, I text Danielle and thought of a challenge for us to do since she was "creatively blocked".  We've never been one for doing challenges online because we don't like cropping deadlines.  If you have time and that's what you like to do, that's fine, but we like to take it nice and easy. We could only use the colors black and white with one accent color - whatever color you prefer.  Everything on the card had to be of those colors even distressing if you were to do that.  So, yes, I had a block too, I was going to use a "rhinestone" in my project.  Marc heard me and was like "no, Lameka, that's cheating because she might have already finished her card". I am thinking to myself "would you shut up". HAHAHA I love him! He keeps me on task. Anyway, my answer was staring me in the face. You'll see it on my cards. Hope you like them and if you want to join in, please do so. We'd love to see more cards. FYI - We're making 4 cards total so we can send our two to each other and keep two for ourselves. I think they call it swapping. hahaha Enjoy!

So, here are the two cards. As you can see I went very simple but that's how I make things in the first place. 

I made this cards first and yes I was going to stick a rhinestone in the middle to bling it out but Marc kept me on task like always.

I kept this one really simple because I like the embossing.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lameka's Scrap Space

 Well, this is my scrap space but my boyfriend seems to find his way into it. Who would have thought - he plays golf but wants to make cards too!! I love it! Anyway, we recently took a trip to Ikea and got this cute white table and a curtain hanger so that I'm able to see my buttons and grab my markers. We have one more to put up and then my space will be complete. Oh wait! I need to add another chair because according to Marc, he needs his own chair now. So, I guess it's not really my space anymore. As you can see it's in the living room. It was dining room table vs scrap space............and you know what? the black t.v. trays look real good. :) So, I know my space isn't that elaborate but it's mine and this is where I create. Thanks for looking. :)
My space next to the door so I can sneak in my goodies from Marc!

Just another shot!

More of the space!

Closer look at my main desk!

Danielle's Scrap Space

One of the first things we decided to post is our scrap space. I love seeing where other people create! Most of the time, I am super jealous of other peoples spaces, but I try to incorporate what I like into my space. Currently my husband is Active Duty Air Force, so us owning a house right now is just not in the cards. (It has, however, been said, the house we purchase WILL have a scrap space.) So where ever we make our home, I have to make adjustments to my 'space'. Currently we live in North Dakota. The house we live in, has this 'room'. I don't know what its supposed to be. A wet closet maybe? I saw it and said scrap room. Its really small. But it has a door (to keep out kids, husbands, and pets and to hide purchases ;) ), built in shelf, and a light. All the things I need to scrap. :)
In this age of being green (or cheap) I try to reuse containers. If I find something cute, I will use it in my scrap room. Again this comes in handy because with moving if I have to downsize I don't feel all that bad about throwing out something that was free. And of course it saves me money. The more money I save, the more money I have to spend on paper. :) If you have questions about my room feel free to ask, if you have suggestions, pass them along! I am always looking to update and make things better.
PS. As disorganized as it looks...its actually pretty organized...or at least thats what I tell myself. :)