Sunday, March 27, 2011

Black, White, One Accent Birthday Card

So, today, I text Danielle and thought of a challenge for us to do since she was "creatively blocked".  We've never been one for doing challenges online because we don't like cropping deadlines.  If you have time and that's what you like to do, that's fine, but we like to take it nice and easy. We could only use the colors black and white with one accent color - whatever color you prefer.  Everything on the card had to be of those colors even distressing if you were to do that.  So, yes, I had a block too, I was going to use a "rhinestone" in my project.  Marc heard me and was like "no, Lameka, that's cheating because she might have already finished her card". I am thinking to myself "would you shut up". HAHAHA I love him! He keeps me on task. Anyway, my answer was staring me in the face. You'll see it on my cards. Hope you like them and if you want to join in, please do so. We'd love to see more cards. FYI - We're making 4 cards total so we can send our two to each other and keep two for ourselves. I think they call it swapping. hahaha Enjoy!

So, here are the two cards. As you can see I went very simple but that's how I make things in the first place. 

I made this cards first and yes I was going to stick a rhinestone in the middle to bling it out but Marc kept me on task like always.

I kept this one really simple because I like the embossing.


  1. Lameka your cards are beautiful. Makes me feel like an amateur!!! I just remembered that I have that embossing folder. And the green flower....what is that? I love it!

  2. That green flower is from Tim Holtz, that die cut I found that I'd bought two of. haha Thanks!

  3. I think these cards are capital B-u-ti-ful! I love how they each draw you in to the design in a different way. The green flower makes a bold statement and exudes happiness. The black card has major elegance with a sweet little kiss of ribbon. You are rockin' it for sure!