Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lameka made me do it.

Yes she did. Had it not been for her I would have quit before I started. She texts me that we really need to blog. I say blah blah blah she says blah blah blah. Here is your challenge. Then it begins. I had the ideas and colors already in mind. I had some stamps that I wanted to use. Easy peasy. Wrong. It started with what I would like to refer to as a 'glue incident.' It was actually SU crystal effects. I think I aquired this item and never really used it. So who knows how long this build up had been in there. I had safety pins, bamboo skewers and my paper piecer in that little thing. Eventually I got out the clog with some tweezers. Ahh....whew. Disaster averted.....wrong again. This time, I couldn't find my stamp cleaner. I think that everytime I try to stamp, I can't find it. So after tearing apart my 'room' I find it. Right where I had put it so the next time I went to use it I could find it. Now I can finally start. Except I can't find the box of adhesive I have. Lucky for me, I had a random 'SNAIL' lying around. FINALLY, I could start. (for real this time.)
I'm glad that Lameka challenged me. No I really mean that. Sometimes you need someone to help you get your 'creative juices' flowing. I think that I may start setting aside some time on Sundays for some 'me' time. And by 'me' time, I mean scrap time. ;)
Here is my first card. I used all Stampin Up Stamps. If you want to know the names, let me know and I will look.
This is the inside If you look closely you can see I used a little bit of Crystal Effects on the cake on the inside.

 This pictures is blurry but you can see the crystal effects I used on the cherry.
 I thought the front looked so plain. So I added this ribbon. All within the 'challenge regulations.' No disqualification from Marc.
 So I got this monster set from SU. I was dying to have it, and dying to use it, but this is the first time I actually used it.
 I did stick some SU dimensionals under the monster and the 'present' he is holding.
I did not include a picture of the inside, because I left that blank.

So thank you Lameka for helping (or making :) ) me get my creative juices flowing. It really does make me remember why I started paper crafting in the first place. I'm excited because I will be getting Lameka's beautiful cards in exchange and I found my stamp cleaner! Now if I could only find that blasted box of adhesive.... 


  1. Girl, I love the cards!!! I can't wait till you send me my cards!! hahaha

  2. I love your concept for this blog and the inspiration you provide each other!!!! Just to let you know, I uber love cupcakes and think that cupcake card is totally scrumptious! Did you use a pattern or a die cut for the cupcake? I wanna make some of my own...maybe a whole baker's dozen!