Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lameka's Scrap Space

 Well, this is my scrap space but my boyfriend seems to find his way into it. Who would have thought - he plays golf but wants to make cards too!! I love it! Anyway, we recently took a trip to Ikea and got this cute white table and a curtain hanger so that I'm able to see my buttons and grab my markers. We have one more to put up and then my space will be complete. Oh wait! I need to add another chair because according to Marc, he needs his own chair now. So, I guess it's not really my space anymore. As you can see it's in the living room. It was dining room table vs scrap space............and you know what? the black t.v. trays look real good. :) So, I know my space isn't that elaborate but it's mine and this is where I create. Thanks for looking. :)
My space next to the door so I can sneak in my goodies from Marc!

Just another shot!

More of the space!

Closer look at my main desk!


  1. Nice clean scrap space Lameka! I NEED to see CLOSEUPS! LOL

  2. hahaha I had to take the picture on my blackberry. I am going to use my camera next time and update these pics but I can't find the memory thingy I need in order to plug it into my computer. thanks!!

  3. I love the new pictures....your room is great! Jealous.